Shadow Secretary of State Theresa Villiers visits Walkden station

January 15, 2008
Theresa Villiers
Theresa Villiers at Walkden station with Councillors and FOWS supporters Les Turner and Iain Lindley

Following in the footsteps of Ruth Kelly, Secretary of State for Transport, who visited Walkden station last year the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Theresa Villiers yesterday dropped by to see the poor amenities for herself.

Mrs Villiers was particularly interested in FOWS’ campaign to ease over-crowding by re-opening the disused platform to allow longer trains to call, and she took several photos of the scene.
We welcome interest in Walkden station from national and local politicians of all parties and believe the provision of a safe, accessible, comfortable and environmentally-friendly train service is something every political party should commit itself to.


  1. As an ex-resident of the area, an occasional user of Walkden station and a supporter of rail travel, I would like to see stations like Walkden made more user-friendly. My nearest station is Alfreton, a small, fairly-isolated station which on dark nights is quite bleak. Waiting for a late train, or waiting for a lift after arriving late, can be a bit unsettling.

    It has been vandalised more than once, and CCTV cameras have been fitted. It also has a combined information / alarm device on the platform. Pressing one button brings a recorded message about the next trains due, and pressing a second button sends an alarm call. I don’t know if Walkden has such a device (I didn’t see one on my last visit) but it might be worth having one.

  2. No … unfortuntately Walkden doesn’t have a HelpPoint such as you describe. No doubt it would be a useful facility though.

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