Rush hour commuters stranded again

January 12, 2008

On Thursday morning approximately 30 passengers were unable to board the 08.04 to Manchester due to severe over-crowding on the 2-carriage train.

Oddly, FOWS understands that 4-carriage trains have recently been sent out to Wigan to work on the 08.04 but only 2-carriages have come back … what’s happening to our carriages at Wigan ?

One comment

  1. The thing I find really irritating are the posters that appeared recently saying Northern Rail was voted public passenger transporter of the year. The judges obviously didn’t travel on the 7.34 to Manchester which is increasingly overcrowded.

    Today 6th Feb 2008 it was so bad people could not move we were so packed in. I travel to Victoria every week day but this morning was so bad and I felt so close to fainting I had to get off at Salford Crescent to get some air and steady myself. Then get a later train from there making me late for work.

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